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Being Thankful – Shout OUT to CVCL Staff

I can think of a many ways to express thanks and a thousand reasons to be thankful. One thing I enjoy most about our uniquely American Thanksgiving Holiday is the opportunity to remember, reflect and remind myself of the many reasons I have to give thanks.

At the Library, I am thankful for the people that I work with every week. We’ve gotten to know each other fairly well over the past couple of years – strengths and weaknesses, all. We have a great team. No, we are not perfect, but we have made many improvements in library services over the past year and have even had some fun doing it. Here are a few of the reasons I am thankful for my coworkers at Camp Verde Community Library (in alpha-order, not playing favorites).

Circulation is the heart of public library services and Library Specialist, Alice G. is the heart of Camp Verde Community Library’s front desk and volunteer operations. I appreciate Alice’s qualities of honesty and caring. She always has a smile for you and is genuinely interested in the details of your life. Alice’s exuberance and dedication are what make CVCL such a friendly place to visit.

Dee T. is a PT Library Clerk working in Technical Services and Interlibrary Loans. I am grateful that I can count on Dee to cheerfully take on any project and know she will complete it in a timely manner. Her inquisitive mind paired with a practical nature is a real asset to library services whether she works in the back room or at the front desk. Dee’s dependability and desire to learn are qualities that encourage the rest of us.

I am thankful for Denise A. a PT Library Clerk working in the Youth Library. Denise is warm, friendly, and will go out of her way to help anyone – patron, volunteer or another staff person. You will rarely find Denise idle. She is the type of person who works faithfully, even when no one is looking. I appreciate her work ethic and her willingness go beyond her own comfort zone to try new experiences – like being CVCL’s Safety Officer.

Dianna M. is our Youth Services Librarian. I’ve been fortunate to work with her for almost a year now. Dianna has totally transformed CVCL’s Youth Library and infected the rest of us with her fresh perspective, her great sense of humor, and her energetic, adventurous spirit. Dianna is warm and genuine as anyone who has encountered her can affirm. I am especially thankful for the way she makes the kids and teens in Camp Verde first priority among all her duties at CVCL. You will never find Dianna too busy to stop and talk to, read with, or play games with the kids and/or teens. Dianna is my right-hand (wo)man and I am glad to have her in that position.

Library Specialist, Gerry L. is well known in this community for his friendly, approachable demeanor. I am grateful that Gerry shows patience and compassion toward patrons with reference questions or in need of computer help. I find Gerry ever willing to help library staff with projects, problems, or services when asked. He is especially appreciated by the many faithful library patrons who have experienced his kindness over the years and now seek him out for a friendly chat.

Helen H., CVCL’s one front desk Library Clerk, is a reliable and welcome member of our team. Helen takes pride in her work, is friendly and interested in people, and ready to do whatever we need. I especially appreciate Helen’s willingness to work the evening shift at CVCL making it possible for the library to be open longer hours and more days per week.

I am thankful that PT Library Specialist, Sebra C. took on Teen Advisory Board leadership when we had a sudden vacancy last December. Sebra’s smile and professional demeanor are not to be missed. She is imaginative, gregarious and capable. She has been instrumental in teaching TAB teens how to comport themselves in public when representing the library and the Town of Camp Verde. Sebra probably never imagined herself working in a library, but she brings a perspective to library programs and services that pushes us to think outside the box.

After years as a Library Clerk, PT Library Specialist, Valerie F. began learning the exacting task of cataloging new and donated materials a little over a year ago. I am thankful for Valerie’s persistence, her evident intelligence, her work ethic and her good common sense. She is an invaluable part of CVCL’s Technical Services Team as a cataloger, as well as, in collection development. Valerie’s attention to the details in the Technical Services realm of CVCL and her obvious appreciation for the library are critical to helping us find and deliver what our customers are looking for.

Wendy C. works PT in the Youth Library as a Library Clerk. I am grateful to Wendy for taking on Friday STEAM Time at CVCL. Wendy is polite, unassuming and eager to learn. She supports Dianna’s programs and plans as an invaluable part of the Youth Library’s team within a team.

So there you have it! A tiny sample of how each person on CVCL’s team brings unique qualities that help us make your library a welcoming and helpful place to be. This Thanksgiving season, I am expressing thanks to each person I’ve worked beside at CVCL and in the Town of Camp Verde, to the many volunteers and to those who participate in what the library offers. Thank you for the opportunity to continue serving the people of Camp Verde through Camp Verde Community Library.