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CVLE Used Book Sales Pay Off for Library’s Youngest Patrons

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InIMG_4980troducing kids to the joys of becoming lifelong readers has recently become more exciting at Camp Verde Community Library. Thanks to the hard work and generous contribution of the Camp Verde Library Endowment volunteers, we were able to purchase several new AWE Learning Stations. The AWE – Advanced Workstations in Education – stations, include two tablets, a new computer station and an upgrade for an existing station to help us promote computer and reading literacy in a safe environment for our youngest patrons.

AWE Digital Learning Solutions is dedicated to promoting lifelong literacy through learning stations that encourage the exploration of literacy through several different subjects.  AWE’s digital content for young learners immerse children in an extremely rich environment where the content is engaging and child-friendly. Using a series of fun games, themes, and programs, AWE engages our youngest learners and encourages them to explore the world of information in a computer-lDSC00389 (2)ike environment without an Internet connection.  Each of the computer stations and tablets has touch screen capabilities that allow children to interact intuitively on their own, with one another, or with their families to pursue subjects they are interested in.  Some of the subjects that are covered are science, math, literature, anatomy, geography, writing, music and arts. IMG_4959DSC00391 (2)


Two teen volunteers, Billy Cook and Mathew Newtown, set up the newest computer station in the library. It has been very popular since.  If you would like to use one of the tablets or have any questions about AWE please ask a staff member in the Children’s Library.


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