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Making Reading Fun

11694034_893169350737384_3367360995113178995_nYes… leisurely days of Summer Reading have ended. Kids are back in school. The Librarians get a small break and the teachers go back to work.

The goal of the Library’s summer reading programs for kids is to encourage reading over the summer and help 11412123_877807725606880_6170023271196329800_nprevent loss of reading sills during summer break. Studies indicated that kids who read or are read to 20 minutes per day are more likely to maintain or improve their skill levels. Then, when they go back to school after summer break they are ready to learn new skills instead of needing to review what was learned the year before.

Camp Verde Library’s Summer Reading Program (SRP), Every Hero has a Story, ended with a Pool Party/11407252_880415842012735_2717425152471423710_nPicnic & Awards Ceremony at Camp Verde Heritage Pool. Our program was a success thanks to many people who went above and beyond to interact with our kids and demonstrate what a local hero looks like. People at

  • the Camp Verde American 11752572_898702660184053_7242706695850891732_nLegion
  • Camp Verde Marshal’s office
  • the Camp Verde Fire District
  • the Verde Ranger District
  • Camp Verde Public Works Department
  • Fort Verde State Park
  • Parfitt’s office

We are grateful to Mike Marshall & Camp Verde Parks & Recreation for supporting the Library’s Summer Reading Program grand finale event. Nearly 100 people came to celebr1610950_889177467803239_6518391672814302815_nate the 141 children ages 0-17-years old and 54 adults who participated in programs and events throughout June and July.

Camp Verde kids logged 162, 562 minutes of reading and 1,289 titles. The SRP ran 52 days, from June 3 to July 24. That’s an average of 22.2 minutes per day per child, easily meeting the goal of reading 20 minutes per day. I realize that a few kids read like maniacs (our top reader logged 14,316 minutes), but most read more reasonably (between 1,000 and 10,000 minutes) and others read little (less than 1,000 minutes). Yes, the rabid readers skew the results. Still… it is impressive and the kids who participated had a blast. After all, reading – especially Summer Reading – is not just about wor10013962_884953758225610_8378706135900643436_nking to prevent summer slide. Librarians love it most when kids, teens or adults discover that there are many varieties and types of pleasures to be found in reading. Reading IS fun!

I appreciate all the library staff who encouraged kids, teens and adults to try something new and to the many local heroes right in our community who participated in the library’s Summer Reading Program. But my appreciation is nothing compared to this statement from an elementary child in a thank you note received by Miss Dianna:

“Thank you Librarians… Your summer reading program was so much fun it made me allmost(sic) want t11390031_878383655549287_9121841509054626544_no read all day.”

I’d say, kudos are in order for our Youth Library. Well done. You nailed it. You made reading fun! Here’s to our 2016 SRP events taking place in our new library!!

Camp Verde Library’s 2015 Summer Reading Program Winners for most minutes read in each age category are:

Pre-Reader Category:

1st Place: Milayna Freeman
2nd Place: Jacob Freeman
3rd Place: Michael Harmon
Runners Up: Travis & Trinity Todd

Kids Category
1st Place: Tonali Jimenez
2nd Place: Kiena Jimenez
3rd Place: Bayley Dykstra
Runner Up: Witten Armstrong

Teens Category:
1st Place:  Celeena Johnson
2nd Place: Bailey Gagnon
3rd Place: Summer Trutt
Runner Up: Solon Dellsoz

Camp Verde Community Library’s Summer Reading Program was part of the Statewide program supported by the Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records, a division of the Secretary of State with federal funds from the Institute of Museum and Library Services. We could not do what we do without their continued support.