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My First Library – Babe Daley

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I started first grade in 1931 at Osborn School in Phoenix. My teacher was Bonnie Baskett. We were at war from the first day I picked up a pencil with my left hand. I never learned to write legibly, but I sure learned to read. By the time I was in the second grade I had discovered the library and found out that Mrs. Thompson, the librarian, would let me take books home. What a happy day!

I started reading Zane Grey and didn’t quit until I had read all the westerns. From then on I read every book I could find. We lived on a farm, and I didn’t have anyone to play with, so by summer when I could no longer get into the library I discovered my parents had a set of the Book of Knowledge. Wow! My old uncle lived with us and he subscribed to The National Geographic, so, I had something else to read.

Now, at 90, I`m still reading. My tastes have changed, but, I`m still reading.

About Babe Daley

Babe1I was born in Phoenix in 1925 the 6th of 7 children. We had a farm at what is now, 11th Avenue and Thomas Road. Phoenix Community Collage is there now. There was very little money during the Depression, but I was young enough that it didn’t bother me much. We always had extra people living with us, so we had lots of interesting things going on.

I finished high school in May 1943 and Frank and I were married in June. We had 4 children. 3 girls and one son. We lost our oldest daughter when she was 39 years old. Frank passed in 2000.

I’ve had a good life, a lot of fun and a good ride.


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