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Gads Hill Library, Chicago; Falling in Love withReading – Deborah Murphy

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Deborah Murphy imageAs a young girl growing up in the city of Chicago, I remember going to our local library with my mom. Gads Hill Library was about a half mile or so from our house, which usually meant about a 20 minute walk to get there. Of course, when you’re eight years old it seems a lot longer. I loved the children’s area where there was a small table with some chairs so you could grab a book, sit down and look through to see if it was check-out worthy—usually it was.

Back in those days only two weeks was the time for you to have your book to read but I always took out at least eight to ten books. It wasn’t unusual for me to read a book a day and have read them all before we even needed to get them back to the library. Mom was an avid reader and I am really happy that she offered the opportunity for exploration into the realms of the written word.

Then I really liked mysteries, and also gravitated to books set in England. I’m convinced now, after a visit there, that it was where I lived in some of my past lives. And, for reasons that have now been revealed to me, I really loved horses and was extremely excited when I found a novel that centered around them. No one in my family had any background in horses but I cannot recall a time when I wasn’t fascinated by them. And, when I found a book set in England, that was a mystery and included a horse in the story I knew I’d hit the jackpot!

As I got older I began discovering other things the library offered—movies, CDs, a variety of workshops and seminars, places to meet that were quiet, and all the newspapers, magazines, and periodicals–oh my! Now, you can even get more information at the library as most of them now have computers which offers even more opportunities for people to learn about the world around us.

My local library now is in Cottonwood and I just checked online and discovered my old library is now called Gads Hill Center and it’s been in existence since 1898! Wow, who knew that I was going to one of the oldest libraries in the City of Chicago. Now, it makes me even happier to know that this place of learning and education provided knowledge in the distant past, is providing in the present time and will also provide in the future! Go on, you know you want to visit one!

Deborah Murphy has made the Verde Valley her home since 2014. Deborah has a Reiki practice and offers to facilitate tours to Peru. Her upcoming book is entitled Evolving with Adaptability: Who’s Driving the Car, a short guidebook on the road from ego to soul focusing on behavior modification.


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