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My Library Story – Amber Polo

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Polo, Amber 06 14 ccrop smallOnce upon a time (that’s book talk for a very long time ago) I was a graduate student at the University of Wisconsin and I worked part-time at the Madison Public Library.

The building was new and everyone was so proud of it. This is a story the Associate Director* told me.

A patron was leaving the library as the Associate Library Director was entering. The woman carried a stack of books and a young child. The Librarian opened the door for the woman.

The woman said, “Thank you. I wish the library had book bags.”

The librarian replied, “We are doing our best. There is so much to do.”

The woman looked confused. “You work here?”

The Librarian nodded.

The woman shook her head and walked away. “It’s getting so you can’t tell librarians from people.”

*Orrilla Blackshear’s award as 1962 Wisconsin Librarian of the Year honored her love and knowledge of books, her professional enthusiasm that inspired her coworkers, her excellence as a book selector, her enrichment of many lives in the guidance of reading, her efforts in integrating the services of the Madison Public Library into the daily life of the community, and her contributions to continuously improve public library service in the State of Wisconsin.

At the time of her death, she was the volunteer librarian of her retirement home. In a feature in the Wisconsin State Journal, she articulated her philosophy, “The real joy for me in all this work is being able to bring the right people together with the right book.” Peers and patrons alike certainly would attest to her lifelong success in achieving this goal.

Amber Polo’s love of books drew her into a career as a librarian.  A greater love turned her into a writer. Amber’s urban fantasy series The Shapeshifters’ Library  is filled with books, librarians, and a library everyone will love. Plus dog-shifting librarians and book-burning werewolves.


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